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Titanic – Rose DeWitt Bukater is a Bitch


Two bystanders during the sinking of the Titanic discuss Rose DeWitt Bukater’s flaws.

Written by Erik Germ

Erik Germ (
Tommy Germanovich Jr. (

Directed by
Devon Fahy

Filmed by
Patrick Fahy

Megan and Menace Morning Show Game





Hipsters and the things they ruined for us.


By Erik Germ

Do you hate hipsters? Of course you do! Everyone hates hipsters! Not just because they look stupid or because they don’t contribute to society at all. We hate them because it’s easy. Continue reading

Whitechapel’s Dire Situation

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I feel like it’s a waste to have done all the work for this stupid site and not update every day. So here’s a comic I drew.