Site News

Site News

Stand-Up show – Tuesday May 5

I was chosen to perform with Philly’s best local stand-ups at Helium Comedy Club

2031 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

You can get tickets right here. I’ve never done this before and, depending on how it goes, I may never do it again. Don’t miss this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity probably. I’m just kidding. You can miss this opportunity if you want. I’m not your dad, I can’t tell you what to do.


– Germ

Watch our new video

Hey! Watch our new Titanic video, you big idiot! I’m sorry. That’s rude. PLEASE watch our new titanic video, you piece of shit.

New Series – The HugeFrigginUpdate

Hate watching the news? Allow HugeFrigginArms to bring you the important stuff when YOU need it! Go watch the HugeFrigginUpdate!

Tournament of Flash Artists

If you didn’t know, the reason I create things for the internet is almost completely because of Continue reading

Huffington Post

My most recent cracked article was featured on the Huffington Post. That’s like, the gnarliest of the gnar.


Anyway, whats up with you?

How To Succeed In Business…

…Without Really Dying. The sketch I wrote is up on the main page of cracked TODAY! It stars some of my favorite Cracked people and is directed by the incomparable Michael Swaim. Go watch it!

Hunger Games is a rip off

Read my new article. Then never speak to me about Hunger Games.

New Article Up on

Check out this article on Cracked. I wrote 50% of it.

March Updates – February Was a Good Month

Hello! It’s turning out that February was a very successful month for me. I won’s Video Sketch Competition with the script “Going the extra mile for the promotion.” It premiers on April 2 and will be posted in the videos section once it’s up. Also. my article 6 Terrifying User Agreements You’ve Probably Accepted finished in the top 10 for the months traffic and is currently number 8 on the top articles for the past 30 days. You can expect two new Cracked articles this month and I have 4 more being considered. I’ll of course update the site with that information as it happens.

New Video – Back To The Future Themed

I added a new video. It’s a Back To The Future one. You all like that movie, right? Go watch it. The video I mean. And the movie, I guess. Whatever.