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Site News

Site News

Videos Page Is Here

Videos page is up. Go look at the meager amount of shitty videos I’ve made. Next up, all my animations will get their own special page, instead of linking to the old site’s videos.

New Shit and Shit

As you can clearly see (unless you’re blind…in which case: I’m sorry for being insensitive) I updated a lot of stuff. I wanted everything to be wordpress’d so I can just do simple updates and not worry about the site being ugly as fuck like it was. Look for more stuff like a proper video page and maybe comics again. Comicpress would have screwed up all the work I put into this dumb theme I made and I’m not having that. So this is what we’re working with for now. Go read my Cracked articles.

Oh yeaaaa…

I forgot I have a website. Hello! Check out if you want to see what I’ve been up to. I’ll try to work on posting here more.

New On Cracked

Head over to Cracked today to see my new article about disgusting surgery. I threw up 17 times while writing it so the least you could do is read the god damn thing. Also, in case you missed it, I had a Christmas Article, too.

That big news I spoke of:

Howdy hey! I can finally reveal my news. Cracked ran one of my articles! Head on over to to read it now! Tweet it to your friends, share it on the Facebooks. I want everyone to read it. Do you understand me? EVERYONE. GO GO GO!

Oh, hey! You’re still here!

Nice to see you! I haven’t been updating a lot and I’m SORRY! But I’m back and with a fancy new article! Go check it out! I have big news, as well! But that will come out next month. So keep your eyes out for that.


There’s a new article featuring a bunch of idiots from chatroulette! Go read it!

If I may digress for a moment…

I made a video a few months ago called How Do They Make It: Chicken Nuggets.

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Trevor Moore Says Goodbye

Tonight, the final episode of the Whitest Kids U Know aired. I was able to watch this episode while webcamming with Timmy Williams and Trevor Moore.

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New Author – New Article

Ryboflavin joins the hugefrigginarms article family with a new article about the movie Cars 2. Check it out!