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Today’s best April Fools site makeovers

April Fools is a great day for websites to fool really, really stupid people who can’t read a calendar. Continue reading

In Memoriam – Space Bat

By The Great Gonzo

It’s was over two years ago, but the impact and the ramifications are still felt to this day.  Many still remember what they were doing when the news broke.  A country was stunned as it lost one of it’s greatest heroes.  Continue reading

Top 10 Cartoons Theme Songs From The 80s & 90s

By The Great Gonzo


Ya know being a kid of the late 80s & early 90s I consider myself very privileged when it comes to the t.v. shows I was brought up on, namely cartoons.  Continue reading

Plot Holes That Never Seem To Bother Anyone

By Erik Germ

I’ll bet when the internet first came out and filmmakers started clicking around, they shit themselves with all the new information that was available to them. Continue reading

Wilcox’s Essential Albums

By: Chris Wilcox 

If I had to live for the rest of my life and could only pick a handful of albums that I could listen to, I’d pick these.  These are my favorite albums.  Continue reading

Saddest Elements of Pokémon

By Erik Germ

Pokémon Black and White came out this week and since then I’ve done nothing but play it. So, yeah…I’ve been on a Pokémon kick as of late, big whoop. Wanna fight about it? Continue reading

The Worst Movies I Was Ever Told Were Good

By Erik Germ

Life would be kind of shitty without movies. They distract us from our real lives for a few hours by taking us to another world where we can watch people do, be and have things we never will. Continue reading

lol Google Translate

I was messing around with google translate. This was the result.

Continue reading

The Most Useless Pokémon from each Generation

By Erik Germ

Do you play Pokémon? Why not? WHY NOT? Pocket Monsters are a thing every child dreams of owning. Continue reading

WTF Worthy – Part 1

By Erik Germ

I’ve seen a lot on the Internets. It’s provided me with free streaming movies of films I wouldn’t be caught dead seeing in theaters. It’s allowed me to connect with some really cool people I never would have met otherwise. It’s given me a soapbox to showcase solid gold nuggets like what you’re reading now. I appreciate the internet. Continue reading