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March Updates – February Was a Good Month

Hello! It’s turning out that February was a very successful month for me. I won’s Video Sketch Competition with the script “Going the extra mile for the promotion.” It premiers on April 2 and will be posted in the videos section once it’s up. Also. my article 6 Terrifying User Agreements You’ve Probably Accepted finished in the top 10 for the months traffic and is currently number 8 on the top articles for the past 30 days. You can expect two new Cracked articles this month and I have 4 more being considered. I’ll of course update the site with that information as it happens.

One Response to March Updates – February Was a Good Month

  • Juli says:

    Not to be a creeper, but I just saw the link for this website at the end of one of your Cracked articles and thought hey, why not. Keep up the cool writing.

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