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Erik Germ

6 Lovers Quarrels (That Got Totally Out Of Hand)

By Erik Germ


We all get into little tiffs now and again. It’s a part of every relationship. Continue reading

Chatroulette – Why You Should Feel Bad For Being A Dude

By Erik Germ


It was a Saturday night teenage Erik Germ might have been familiar with. I was home alone, there was nothing to do and I had napped as much as I could. I began to wonder what I should do after I polished off the Wawa classic hoagie I was eating. Continue reading

Hipsters and the things they ruined for us.


By Erik Germ

Do you hate hipsters? Of course you do! Everyone hates hipsters! Not just because they look stupid or because they don’t contribute to society at all. We hate them because it’s easy. Continue reading

Part One

By Erik Germ


He woke up with a start. Even though His eyes were open, He couldn’t see. Waving His hand in front of Him was useless; for some reason, He couldn’t lift His arm. He was sweating now. Continue reading

[car] Laws We’re All Sick Of People Breaking

By Erik Germ


I can’t be the only one. The only guy who sits in his car seething for 70% of every drive he makes wishing every other motorist on the road was dead. Continue reading

Today’s best April Fools site makeovers

April Fools is a great day for websites to fool really, really stupid people who can’t read a calendar. Continue reading

Plot Holes That Never Seem To Bother Anyone

By Erik Germ

I’ll bet when the internet first came out and filmmakers started clicking around, they shit themselves with all the new information that was available to them. Continue reading

Saddest Elements of Pokémon

By Erik Germ

Pokémon Black and White came out this week and since then I’ve done nothing but play it. So, yeah…I’ve been on a Pokémon kick as of late, big whoop. Wanna fight about it? Continue reading

The Worst Movies I Was Ever Told Were Good

By Erik Germ

Life would be kind of shitty without movies. They distract us from our real lives for a few hours by taking us to another world where we can watch people do, be and have things we never will. Continue reading

lol Google Translate

I was messing around with google translate. This was the result.

Continue reading